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Multi-Stage Load Progressive Sequencers

Accurate control is provided by automatic progressive sequencing in the use of energy and minimizing wear and tear on electrical components. The sequencers are designed to apply power progressively to larger KW boilers. A factory-installed pressure sensitive sequential control reacting to steam boiler pressure progressively energizes and de-energizes heating elements through power contactors. A delay between sequencer steps before start-up and between each subsequent step eliminates power surges. Each sequencer is matched and factory pre-set to boiler system requirements.
Electronic progressive sequencers give accurate electronic control of multi-stage loads of the type used in steam boilers. Integral solid state light emitting diodes show active stages. Should a power interruption occur, all heating elements are instantly de-energized for safety. Upon resumption of power, the control will re-stage the loads one at a time.
The solid state sequencer operates on a 120v AC/60Hz, with each output relay rated 125VA at 120 AC.