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SVS - Electric Steam Boiler

SVS Electric Steam Boilers

Sussman SVS Electric Boilers are safe, versatile easy to-use heat sources for low or high pressure steam. Applications include steam for:

  • Chemical Tanks
  • Reactors, Distillation and Autoclaves
  • Dyestuffs
  • Food Processing
  • Jacketed Vessels for Processes
  • Pipe Tracing
  • Viscous Material
  • Fuel Oil Line Heating
  • Anti-Freeze Protection
  • Comfort Heating & Humidification


  • Easy Installation
  • Automatic Operation
  • Clean, Fume-Free, Quiet, Reliable Steam at the Turn of a Switch
  • Primary or Alternate Source of Steam
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Fuel Delivery/Storage Problems
  • Factory Tested – Ready to Operate


  • Insulated Carbon Steel Pressure Vessel ASME Section 1, 150 PSIG with “S” Code Stamp.
  • Built to UL, National Board Registration
  • Standard 150 PSIG Design – Higher Pressures Available
  • Fully Insulated Vessel, 2” Thick Insulation
  • ASME Code Safety Valve
  • NPT Inlet/Outlet Fittings Up to 3-1/2”, Flanged Inlet/Outlet Fittings for 4” and over (see Specification Chart)
  • Vertically Mounted Incoloy Sheathed Immersion Elements Complete with Epoxy End Seal
  • NEMA I, Epoxy Finished Gasketed/Louvered Control Panel and Heater Enclosure
  • Blowdown/Drain Valve
  • Pressure Gauge with Isolating Stopcock
  • Liquid Level Gauge Glass Assembly
  • Backflow Check Valve and Solenoid Feedwater Valve
  • Standard Pressure Range 20-150 PSIG (higher pressures may be available on request)
  • Modulating Pressure Control (standard over 90A)
  • Electronic Feedwater Control
  • Boiler Operating Mode Indicator Lights
  • Sub-Divided Circuit Fusing, Class “J”, HRC Form 1
  • Industrial Rated Magnetic Contactors
  • Manual Reset High Limit Pressure Control
  • Main & Auxiliary Low Water Cut Off Controls
  • 120V Control Circuit c/w On/Off Switch and Indicating Pilot Light
  • 120VAC Control Circuit Transformer w/primary & secondary fusing
  • Manual Reset Low Water Cutoff


  • Steam Outlet Globe Valve (150 PSIG)
  • Timed Automatic Blowdown Systems
  • Auxiliary Low Water Cutoff
  • Auxiliary High Pressure Cutoff, for Auto or Manual Reset
  • High Pressure Alarm
  • Low Pressure Alarm
  • Audible Alarm with Silencer
  • Pilot Light for each Heating Stage
  • Manual Off/Auto Switch for each Heating Stage
  • VVoltmeter, with 3 Position Selector
  • Wattmeter
  • Ammeter with 3 Position Switch
  • Unfused Disconnect Switch
  • Safety Door Interlock Switch
  • Motor Starter with Overloads
  • Flanged Inlet/Outlet
  • Vacuum Breaker
  • kW-HR meter
  • Ground Fault Indicator


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